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Carrington Has Taken Over New Century Loans
Carrington has taken over New Century's Loans
They Can't Be Trusted
CMS is the same old New Century Mortgage, Doing the same old practices hidden by the words loan modification. Our loan with them is for less than $100,000 we told them our payments were to high at $900 a month it's an 80/20 they did the modification and told us it would be adjusted to $1020 for 27 years. That means they would take a profit of 18 years on the back end. This is a tactic a car sales lot uses. When we tell them the payment is to high they increased the payment. We will again tell them it's to high and they will move the same numbers around to lower the payments but increase the loan year. They can not be trusted even after all the loan sharking they have already done!
They Should be Ashamed
Carrington mortgage Company should be ashame of th way they treat their customers, we are only trying to have a home to raise our family's in and they really don't care if people end up in the street with know where to go ,ruining hard working people lives and their credit. Not to even mention people who have saved and struggle to even be able to have a home to live in. Thank you Carrington mortgage or should i say New Century for ruining our life and just ruining a whole family. I hope that the lord will bless you very well, I hope that the owner's of this company sleeps very well at night.
Carrington has been Great
I think that Carrington has been great.  Most people who complain are complaining because they're delinquent and didn't pay their bills on time and are now frustrated that the lender wants their money.  If you read through most of these complaints of mortgage companies, in the end the customer usually didn't pay their bills on time.  Boo Hoo.  If you can't afford a mortgage, then you don't deserve a home, you should rent.
They lied
We were called on the phone and they offered us to make a payment over the phone with them waiving the $15.00 Fee. I then received a letter in the mail stating that they charged me $15.00 anyways. They then refused to refund our money to us and decided that they would remove $15.00 from our next payment After fighting for over 15 minutes on the phone! They like to steal money out of your checking account with out your permission and lie to you anytime they choose! We are only with them NOT BY CHOICE, only because New Century went Bankrupt...
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