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Don't Get Involved with Them

I think they’re difficult to reach.  We almost financed with them and didn’t.  They were quick to get us to sign papers, but then when we would call them with questions, they would never call back or return our emails.  When we finally got the paperwork from them, the package was missing documents. 

When I finally complained to one of the VP’s at the company, he promised his personal attention to the situation to expedite our loan.  Well, guess what….he never called back either!

This company is a joke, take my advice and don’t get involved with them!!!
Watch Out

I was recently divorced and part of my settlement was that I was going to buy a house for me and my kids after my husband left.  I signed good faith estimates with Franklin First but left a few items to be finalized about taxes, insurance, escrow bank accounts, etc. 

They estimated we would owe about 20K on closing; however, when we went to sign the final papers, the loan agent said it was 27.5k which was a lot more than we were planning on spending.    I addressed this with their manager who apologized, but since I liked the house I decided to move forward in closing. 

They tried to adjust my loan to make up for the difference, but it made my payment go about $200 higher each month which I absolutely could not afford.  I feel wronged by this company in that they made such a huge error in the beginning and didn’t really do much to correct it.  When I spoke with the agent’s manager again, he apologized, but apologies don’t pay the bills.

Watch out for Franklin First Financial.
Some agents are good, others are bad
When I first spoke with Franklin First I received all sorts of promises that ended up coming through as nothing.  It was suppose to take less than 2 weeks to close, but it took over seven weeks.  Because of this delay, the appraisal had to be redone and then the rate we were originally quoted wasn’t valid anymore. 

I called their office about this, and they would never call back.  I finally was able to start working with another loan agent there who did right a lot of the problems I had with my first guy. 

In the end, they were okay, but be careful who you work with.  My first agent was awful and the second was great. 
Impossible to Reach
This company is so frustrating to work with.  They never return phone calls or respond in a timely manner.  They make the easiest tasts so difficult.  I wouldn't work with them again.
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