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Don't do Business with Ocwen!
I don't how they can still in Business. The service from Ocwen is awful. They want to charge for any thing. They act like a predator who wants to strangle someone litterally. It is an bad experience, a nightmare. DON'T DO BUSINESS WITH THAT BANK! STAY AWAY OR WALK AWAY!
I Can't Give Them 1 Star

I cannot even give Ocwen 1 star.  Right now I am in bankruptcy due to their failure to post my payments on time and other “things” that happened.  I too went into a forebearance agreement with Ocwen only after attempting to refinance my loan with them, of course, to no avail.  They then tacked on $600.00 to my payment and then said they did not receive my payments.  I was forced to file bankruptcy in order to keep my home and then after my rate adjusted to 9.9% from 6.9% (you do the math), they are trying to tack on an additional $600 to my new rate of $3400 bringing my total note to $3,950 roughly.  I did not ask them to do this, I pay my own insurance and taxes and they are double paying.  I do not plan to send them a cent over what I owe them.  They are horrible people and nothing against Indians but their command of the English language is poor!! I hope Ocwen goes belly up soon and shuts their doors and the doors in India.  Do not use this company!!!!!

Ocwen is The Worst
Of all the Mortgage Companies I have had in the last 15 years, this is definetely the worst. They cost me a very attractive and beneficial refinance with someone else, due to them not providing a payoff quickly and gettting it terribly wrong. I had to fight just to prove that my pre payment penalty was only a fraction than what they quoted me. You can't speak with the appropriate department and they care more about their processes than they do their customers.
I could write you a book about OCWEN, they are the worst, total rip off artists. Right now however I am steaming because I just went to my mailbox. This is the crux, I just got divorced  I got the house, my ex was paying the mortgage directly out of his account. He notified them 2 months in advance that, that would stop, to no longer take it out of his account that I would be sending the mortgage. I did exactly that, One month. so what do they do they also hit his checking account so he puts a stop payment on his account incase they do it again. 

So the next month same thing I send payment and low and behold they hit his account AGAIN. he calls them because the  account is now hit with a returned check charge.   I just get a letter from them in the mail notifying me that WE are responsible for the return check charge. They are the biggest criminals on the face of this planet I cannot understand why they are still in business!
Predatory Lender

My two mortgages recently got purchased by Ocwen. I’ve only had them 4 months and I hate them already.  They start calling on the 2nd of every month, 3-4 times a day on my cell phone to find out when I am going to pay my mortgage. It’s either someone from India or it’s a hang-up call.   It’s ridiculous.  I was doing the bi-weekly payment plan, but I stopped that because it was costing me a fortunate in fees and the payment wouldn’t get to Ocwen any earlier than if I mailed it myself.  If you pay online, they charge $10.  $10!!!!!  What a rip off!!

My problem is that I’m stuck with them for 3 years or until someone else buys my mortgage because I have a 3 year pre-payment penalty. Arggghhhhh!

This company needs to be shut down. Period. They are at the top of the list for “Predatory Lender.

Ocwen Cheated Us

We have the VERY deep displeasure of having Ocwen for my Mortgage company. When you call them on the phone (in India) they do say “We have to inform you that we are a debt collecting agency and any information we collect can be used for that reason”. They do leave out that they will lie, commit fraud and cheat you to do so. Back in August of 2006 my wife had a bad car accident and for the first time in 3 years into our loan we fell a month behind on our Mortgage payment. We received a call from Ocwen (from India ) about our payment being late, we told the agent the problem and that we will get caught up as soon as possible. The agent then told my wife and I about a payment plan that will get us caught up…so called plan was a Forbearance plan. With my wife and I both listening to the agent (from India) on our speaker phone he told us, that if we add on $156.00 a month to our Mortgage payment we can be caught up in 9 months. I asked the agent once again on the phone, so if we pay a little extra each month that will catch us up, he said yes!

The agent was a liar, now that my Forbearance plan is over we are in the same spot we were before we started the Forbearance plan…WE ARE STILL ONE MONTH BEHIND.

The plan didn’t do anything for us, we were lied to , we were cheated and as far as I’m concerned Ocwen committed Fraud ! I tried to explain to the agent (in India) WHY would I get on a payment plan that would to me no good, your agent, 9 months ago lied to myself and my wife. They robbed me of our money, I guess I’m stuck BUT, I’m going to copy and paste my story on EVERY Ocwen Complaint web site I can find, I’m contacting the Attorney General of Missouri regarding the practices of  Ocwen and The Better business Bureau of Missouri and Florida.

So, if you EVER have a choice, STAY AWAY FROM OCWEN !!!!!

PS. I’m am Soooo tired of talking to people that can hardly speak English (from India

I can't even give them a 1

On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being the worse....................  I can't even give them a 1

I’ve had a loan with Ocwen for 2 years, when I first received the loan they bombarded me with calls 3 – 4 a day with offers and pestering me as to when I would be paying my loan payment that wasn’t due for 30 days.  The person who would contact me spoke horrible English.  Now I’m not against people with accents and or working with US citizens but I feel they should have a grasp of the English language to the point I feel they understand me and that I don’t have to repeat myself over and over and over.  I asked to be put on a “do not solicited” list and that ended the calls. I never received statements, never received any notices and the tax information I need for my taxes.  I paid online using their own payment system that gave me the amount to be paid which I did.  On the 25th payment which is when the fixed ended my payment was not processed claiming I had entered the wrong information so the following month I sent 2 checks one for the previous month and the current in 2 envelopes sending both with certified mail and return receipts.  They cashed one and held the other, and then I sent my March payment which they held.  

One day in March I get a letter that my home is in foreclosure and they want to buy the house.  I called the number in the letter and chewed the man a new #@$ - hole, accusing him of attempting to scam me and that I would be contacting the proper authorities and the news agencies.  He responded with all my information and Ocwen’s phone number and stated “before you call the authorities and the news, call Ocwen and you’ll find out the truth yourself”.  I did and found myself 20,000.00 in the rears, they have been holding my payments due to not paying the correct amount, they admit to getting all my mail back and if I just pay 20,000.00 they will fix my credit and my loan would be current.  They offer me a “deal” pay them 8,000.00 upfront, sign agreements not to sue them and not to go into bankruptcy and pay them $4,100.00 a month for 18 months and all would be good.  I asked them why when my mail was being returned someone didn’t call me and I was told I was on a do not call list and if they called me I could sue them.   

I have caught them in so many lies that it is not even funny.  They contradict themselves with every phone call.  I email them with my concerns and explain the whole situation and the response doesn’t even address my questions.  They call me back so that there is no paper trail of what they are saying and 4 months later and I still don’t know my payment.  Now the guy tells me his customer service person gave me the wrong information and must go through strict Ocwen retraining.  He now claims none of my mail was returned, he claims they have held no payments and the envelopes they received were empty.  This past Saturday April 7th, I received one of the checks they were holding back and on the check my correct address was put into the memo by someone at Ocwen processing when I ask him as to why I haven’t received any new mail at the corrected address he claims they just got the corrected address a couple of weeks ago and they do not have to send me anything.  When I ask that if that were true why did the check that was returned have the correct address on it and it was dated 2 months prior, he states that I wrote it in the memo section or had someone write it in. 

I can’t find the words to express my feelings on this.  It amazes me that they are allowed to do business in this country. They are fleecing the people with loans with them and I can't believe they can wake up every morning and do this with no remorse.  Crazy thing is they have the ability to make it right with hundreds of people, they have the opportunity to be a great company and they choose otherwise.

Even Ocwen's phone and information system is a joke.  I called and it tells me my last payment of $2634.95 was received on March 5th 2007 and my NEXT payment of $1,2040.26 is due DECEMBER 1, 2006, 2006? They are a year behind!!!! and I didn't even owe that!!!

Then it tells me my hold time is 87,000 minutes.  

Bad business to work with
Ocwen Federal is a very bad business. I paid a payment in March 2007 online, and the number was typed in wrong. So instead of calling me and asking for the correct number they have charged my account $98.54 in fees. This place is a joke. And the man who called was so rude to me on the phone, he could not even explain to me in detail the charges. I have had it with this place.
Ocwen is the worst bank ever
BE VERY AWARE....KEEP AWAY FROM THIS BANK. I have had nothing but problems with this bank and it just never ends. There customer service sucks. Every time you call you get someone from India whom can't understand what your talking about or you can't understand them. They miss apply payments every month, and to try to explain to them what they did wrong is like pulling teeth. They apply bogus fees to your statement. You ask them about it and you get "I don't know, "I can't explain why" or you get hung up on. These people are con artists, crooks and commit fruad. They try to put people into forclosure. BE VERY CAREFULE WITH THEM. MAKE SURE YOU EITHER DO, ON LINE BANKING or GET SIGNATURE REQUIRED if you send your checks out (get a record of the signature and date recieved). Make sure you have a record for everything (protect yourself). KEEP FAR AWAY FROM THEM.
The worst lender I've ever dealt with
I had nothing but problems with Ocwen. They have the worst customer service that you can imagine.  Everytime you call them, you speak with someone from India who has no clue what you're talking about.  You can't understand them at all.  They don't communicate, misapply payments, etc. etc.  Don't use Ocwen!
Nothing but problems
I had nothing but problems with Ocwen, there customer service is the worst. Every time you call there office you get a person from India and is very hard to under stand them.
Do not use Ocwen for anything.
This company forced me to sale my home that i only had for one year to the date of sell.  This company reported my payments as being late, sending partial payments, saying my checks had the wrong account and or routing number on them. They refused to let me make a payment towards my home loan.  They have reported fraudulent information to the credit bureaus.  The credit beureaus, DFI, attorney generals office, senators, govenors office will not help you. 

They say they cannot make them take this information off of your credit report. I provided proof fom my bank statements and members from my bank also called wrote a letter yet   this company still refused.   Our country sucks!  They allow this OCWEN to do business here in the United States.  This company is outsourced to Iran and you can barely understand them. They are rude and will hang up on you. 

The bottom line is do not do business with this company we the people should bumgard the govenors office with our complaints.  We voted to get these people in office not just to sit there.  They should do something about this. WARNING do not use OCWEN for anything!
Worst Bank Ever
Ocwen bought out my loan back in 2002. They are absolutely the worst bank ever! Terrible customer service and idiots working as loan agents. They randomly charge me late fees when my payments have been on time, they have misapplied funds, they do not return phone calls or emails promptly, and their customer service is rude and pretty much incompetent. DON'T BANK WITH THEM.
I Think Their Specialty is Fraud
A few yeaers back, Ocwen bought out my loan and told me my new account information. I sent the first paymeht but was then charged a late fee because my account was never set up correctly. I tried to reach them buy phone which is almost impossible and they accused me of not sending the payment in, even though they had deposited my check and never credited my account. 2 months went by and they still had not done anything.

They ended up sending me late fees and threats to my credit report if I didn't pay on time. This is AFTER I had sent them statements from my bank PROVING that they had withdrawn funds from my account. I'm not even sure if they're buying out people's loans anymore or what their doing. I know there was a class action lawsuit against them which doesn't surprise me in the least. If you're loan is bought out by Ocwen, FIND A NEW LENDER IMMEDIATELY!
Don't Work WIth These People!
I refinanced my mortgage several months ago using a mortgage broker and ended up financing with Ocwen. Due to a family emergency I was sort of stuck in a bad situation and needed to relocate. Everything seemed to go fine until they refused to give me a payoff letter so that I could closed.
The closing went through and the money sat and sat in escrow waiting for Ocwen to get their act together. I called them numerous times a day and they would insist that I never sent in the correct paperwork and signatures. I would fax it in again, and then they would repeat the same thing. This has been the worst lending experience and I wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.
Hell's Bank
These people are con artists and crooks. Whatever you do stay away from them. They have been accused of fraud and I can completely understand why! Do NOT under any circumstances work with them.
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